Health Checks

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Onsite or remotely conducted Health Check (or technical maintenance) ensure you gain the maximum value from your Citrix investment. The objective of these regular technical service days is to assist you with ensuring that your Citrix systems and infrastructure are maintained and optimised on a regular basis, without the need for an ongoing annual SLA Based Support Contract (This can be added later if required). Taking a preventative and ongoing enhancement approach to systems support leads to greater stability, higher system availability and reduced downtime. The health check days provide the opportunity to review the current status of system performance and stability, and implement preventive maintenance tasks that will maintain or enhance the integrity of the system on a regular basis, be it Monthly, Quarterly or twice yearly. As well as health checks our flexible onsite time can be used for the on-going fine-tuning of your Citrix platform.

The I-KONIC Health check (or technical maintenance) time delivers a number of tangible and intangible components.

  • Peace of mind that the Citrix Servers are performing optimally to support the core business needs on a daily basis.
  • Proactive approach to prevent and correct issues that can severely impact the organisation.
  • Standardisation of Citrix Best Practices for your environment enabling the administration staff to focus on the core business needs.
  • Enabling your Staff to discuss any problematic items, today‚Äôs or future plans with the I-KONIC consultants while on site.

I-KONIC Services

I-KONIC specialise in cloud services, workspace delivery, virtual apps and desktops and strategic access infrastructure solutions based predominantly on Citrix technology. Our consulting practice was formed in 2000 specifically to concentrate on complex, mission-critical, or large scale deployments of Citrix technologies. Since then we have provided Citrix consulting services to a broad range of top companies and public bodies across Scotland and the UK. Our agility and breadth of experience in this field enables us to offer tailored consultancy that span the full implementation life cycle of your Citrix infrastructure.

This ranges from the initial feasibility & adoption stages of proof-of-concept and production pilot through to system design, implementation and roll-out strategy. We are also able to offer a smooth transition for your systems in to our support service at the end of the consultancy when required.

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